Hi, I'm Tabitha. Thanks for stopping by!

Admittedly, self promotion is not my speciality. That's why being a cheerleader for others and helping clients feel inspired by their own work is my passion. This collection will forever be a work in progress. 

Branding Basics

Brand is at the intersection of strategy, design, operations, and experience. It's an artificial concept that lives in the hearts and minds of others, yet it represents the core truth of an organization. My goal is to elevate brands and tell engaging stories that evoke action. 

An Alliterative Approach to Brand Building

  • Creativity - If you want to lead the pack, you have to stand out from the crowd. 
  • Connection - Honest and meaningful engagement is the foundation a relationship.
  • Consistency - Repetition leads to trust, recall, and loyalty.
  • Collaboration - The best ideas come from insights and cross-functional teaming.

What I Love to Do

Brand Strategy and Market Positioning

Total Experience Design: Customer, Employee, Candidate 

Market Research and Commercial Growth Strategy: Insights, Forecasting, and Data-Based Decision Making 

Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy, Asset Creation, Campaign Management 

Copywriting: blogs, web copy, marketing assets, print and digital adverts, internal and external communications, change management emails and memos, scripts for presentations and speaking engagements, and SO MUCH more

About Me

I am a fun-loving, bubbly, and passionate creative. As a former educator, I learned the importance of empathetic understanding and aligning messaging with human behaviors. When I transitioned into corporate America, I focused on developing my skills as a brand strategist and experience designer. This has allowed me to empower companies of all sizes to elevate the core truth of their brands and reach consumers in new meaningful ways. 

“Speak to your audience in their language about what's in their heart.”

Jonathan Lister